Jérémie Patonnier

Web Front-End Expert

My practical knowledge

Technologicals skills

  • SQL

Software & Working Environnements


  • Client relationship
  • Project management
  • Team management
  • Mastering Web architecture
  • Mastering Web graphical requirements
  • Mastering Web quality standards
  • Integrating accessibility concerns into the workflows and building process.

What I have done with others

Since 2006 : Web Team Manager

BNP Paribas Personnal Finance - Paris, France

Managing the technical Web team for the French part of the company. This team is made of 8 people working on 20 Web sites dedicated to sell loan and mortgage.

My position is consisting in planning the work and ensuring that the good skills are used to the right projects: Schedule, management, teaching. I also focus my action on building a Quality Assurance process for Web projects, from the first draft of our quality recommendations in 2006 to the uprising of a quality manager in 2009.

2003 - 2006 : Web Developer

Polyêdres - Montelimar, France

Basically I designed and developed web sites, I defined the way they have to be build, and I administrated the existing web sites.

In that position, I was strongly involved with the back-end part of web sites: PHP and SQL Developement, server administration and web applications' design. But, it were also the place I learned the most about the true CSS' potential by working with print designers that had absolutely no idea of what the web was.

Because it was a small company and because client relationships were important, the quality of the projects management was one of my main concern.

2000 - 2002 : Web Designer

Cap-on-line - Bourg-en-Bresse, France

Graphical design and HTML/CSS developement of web sites. I was in charge of managing the Art direction: Client relationship, Design, Schedule, prototyping.

What I learned at school

1997 - 1999 : Centre National des Arts et Métiers, Ecole Supérieure Estienne - Paris, France

DSAA Art et Technique de Communication

College graduate in Art and communication. This diploma is about how communication strategy is used to improve graphic and art projects or events.

It was the place where I confirmed my appeal about the Internet. Indeed, to be graduate, I worked on an event to promote Internet to elected officials.

1995 - 1997 : Lycée André Argouges - Grenoble, France

BTS Communication Graphique

This diploma is about printing. It gives knowledge in graphic design, typographie, printing process and project management.

It was the first time I met the Internet. My final project study was partly web oriented. I created my really first web site to this occasion.

What I'm doing to myself

My blog


My personal Web site where you can find some small thoughts and my technical articles about Web technologies (especially SVG and CSS which are my favorites). Some of my articles were noted:

"Le modèle de boîte flexible en CSS 3" It's the first French article which is going that deep inside the CSS3 Flexible box model. Thanks to Mozilla, I translated it and it was published on hacks.mozilla.org (which mean that it is also the first full article about that subject in English).

"SVG et HTML5 font bon ménage avec Firefox" is an article about how SVG et HTML 5 can interact with Firefox 4.

Design & Typography


This is my new baby. Today, typographie is injured and badly used on the Internete. With some enthusiastic friends, we want to promote the use of fonts, building best practices, inform about what is possible and what is not with Web fonts to make the Web a font first citizen as well as with the print.

There is some english ressources about that, but nothing in French. That where we act by making those ressources more clear and accible to the French designers.


I have the opportunity (and the tast) to give some talks. More specifically, I gave two talks and perform a workshop to the French event Paris-Web.